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Zone 7 Accomplishments

Listed below are some key agency accomplishments during my term as a member of the Zone 7 Board of Directors.


  • Approved funding the Sites Reservoir Project for developing off-stream storage that would provide 10,000 AF/year of new water supply for Zone 7
  • Approved funding the Los Vaqueros Expansion Project that would provide 10,000 AF of storage for Zone 7
  • Authorized funding technical studies to investigate the groundwater basin for potential potable water reuse and storage of 5,000 AF/year
  • Authorized Chain of Lakes Pipeline Alignment Study for a project that conveys water for lake storage and groundwater recharge


  • Awarded contract for the Patterson Pass Water Treatment Plant Upgrades and Ozonation Project to replace/upgrade aging facilities and deliver high-quality water to the community (scheduled for completion spring 2022)
  • Authorized participation in the Environmental Planning Phase of the Delta Conveyance Project, which is intended to maintain water quality and reliability of State Water Project deliveries to Zone 7
  • Authorized constructing the Chain of Lake Wells PFAS Treatment Facility Project for removal of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) substances to meet future water quality regulations


  • Financed construction of the ozonation portion of Patterson Pass Water Treatment Plant project with bond proceeds to reduce spikes in cost and water rate increases
  • Established a “Reserve for Economic Uncertainties” to offset revenue losses during water shortages, thus stabilizing water rate increases
  • Authorized grant applications to the Department of Water Resources for updating the Alternative Groundwater Sustainability Plan (obtained), Valley Pump Station (pending), and Chain of Lakes PFAS Treatment Facility (pending)
  • Approved increase to the Fixed Charge component of Water Rates to provide financial stability, particularly during drought periods
  • Established Pension Fund for financing long-term pension liabilities in accordance with the IRS rules
  • Cancelled 2020 Treated Water Rate Increase because of financial hardships from COVID-19 on the community and ratepayers by using one-time savings and deferring work, to offset the reduction in revenue
  • Affirmed water supply cost components for untreated water service to bring stability to water rate setting for agriculture customers


  • Authorized water purchase from Mojave Water Agency, Yuba Accord and Dry-Year Transfer Program totaling 9,200 AF
  • Declared a drought emergency and authorized pursuing emergency projects (e. g. Valley Pump Station Project and Chain of Lake Wells PFAS Treatment Facility Project)
  • Authorized construction of the Valley Pump Station to increase groundwater production and water delivery to retailers
  • Authorized increased funding for rebates in purchasing High Efficiency Clothes Washers and Water-Efficient Lawn Conversions to support the community in their water conservation efforts


  • Authorized preparation of a Flood Management Plan to develop a more effective flood protection system
  • Awarded Contracts to repair 18 Flood Control Channels damaged from storms in 2017, and located primarily in Pleasanton
  • Awarded Contract for the Arroyo Mocho Stanley Reach Stabilization Project to restore banks destabilized by 2017 storms, while adding a segment of the Iron Horse Trail Improvements, as requested, and funded by the City of Livermore


  • Launched a redesigned website featuring a new design for increased transparency with the public
  • Launched a Facebook, YouTube and Next Door page on social media
  • Redesigned the newsletter


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