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The following Letters to the Editor were published by The Independent and/or Pleasanton Weekly newspapers. 

Gambs for Zone 7

David Lunn, Retired Zone 7 Water Resources Manager

I endorse Dennis Gambs for Flood Control and Water Conservation District Director Zone 7.

Dennis Gambs is a Civil Engineer with 34 years of experience working with water supply and flood control. I met Dennis in 1981 and he has always been concerned with producing projects providing the best value for the community. Dennis worked on the expansion of the Arroyo Mocho above Santa Rita Road and took the extra effort to provide an access road under Santa Rita Road that helped staff and provided the community with a safe regional trail.

Dennis took the extra effort to make sure that the public and the Zone 7 Board were fully aware of the options and the impacts of flood control and water supply projects. I worked with Dennis when he was the Chief of Water Supply Engineering and managing a project to increase conveyance capacity on the South Bay Aqueduct. Zone 7 could have simply stated that Zone 7 would purchase conveyance capacity in Lake del Valle from DWR. Dennis made sure that the Board and the public were aware that this option would lower Lake del Valle every summer resulting in the lost use of beaches and swimming opportunities that had been heavily used by families for the past 40 years. With community input, the Board decided to also expand the South Bay Aqueduct with an additional pipeline which also allows Zone 7 to recharge the groundwater basin with the better-quality water only available in the summer months without losing recreational use of Lake del Valle. Thank you, Dennis!

Dennis Gambs believes in being transparent and seeking meaningful community input before making key decisions. These are important qualities in a Board member representing the public.


Gambs Endorsed

Vincent Wong, former Assistant General Manager, Zone 7 Water Agency

I wholeheartedly endorse Dennis Gambs for Zone 7 Director. I’ve known Dennis since 1981 and find him to be a very conscientious and dedicated servant for the Zone 7 community. He’s a Registered Civil Engineer whose work was beyond reproach throughout his 34-year career with Zone 7.

In the early 1980’s, Dennis worked to transfer responsibility for local flood control program from the Alameda County Public Works Agency in Hayward to Zone 7. He provided on-site construction inspection to many of the flood control improvement projects.

Dennis was on the ground floor of many key water supply decisions to increase the water supply and reliability of the Livermore-Amador Valley, including the initial ag-to-urban water transfers from the Central Valley and partnering in out-of-area groundwater banking programs.

Dennis was the point man in renewing the 30-year water supply contracts with the four major water retailers in the Livermore-Amador Valley. He has always maintained a fair and equitable approach in calculating water rates and developer fees based on the principle of beneficiaries pays. Fee-setting and rate-making were often complicated, but Dennis could provide clear and reasonable alternatives for his superiors and ultimately the policy makers.

While bringing a fresh approach to the Zone 7 Water Agency Board of Directors, Dennis can provide an historical perspective on the inside workings of this vital agency.


Dennis Gambs for Zone 7

Zone 7 is our 60-year-old water agency which is charged with ensuring safe and adequate drinking water supplies, flood protection, overseeing the Chain of Lakes, monitoring regional and statewide water issues, groundwater management, and more.

In these times of drought, our collective effort to conserve water has resulted in rising water rates. But the board does little to balance rate increases with reductions in the zone's overhead.

Dennis Gambs has the education, having worked in the water industry, and a vision for board discussions leading to policy regarding cost-benefit analyses, and transparency with us, the public.

Incumbents currently running for re-election have served collectively for over 56 years. It's time for change. Please support Dennis in his bid for Zone 7 water board.

--Jennifer Hosterman,

Former Pleasanton mayor

Chamber PAC endorses Zone 7 challengers

Dear Editor,

The Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce Business and Community Political Action Committee (BACPAC) invited the five candidates vying for four seats on the Zone 7 board to complete a brief questionnaire if they wished to be considered for an endorsement.

All but incumbent John Greci responded with completed questionnaires by the deadline. After thoughtful deliberation, the BACPAC decided to limit its endorsements to the two newcomers: Olivia Sanwong and Dennis Gambs.

Collectively, the incumbents have served 56 years on the Zone board and while we applaud their commitment to public service, we recognize the positive impact that the most recently elected members have had and feel that additional fresh perspectives would be helpful.

There's a growing sentiment among constituents that the current board and its former general manager have been disappointingly slow to respond to calls for greater diversification of water resources necessary in times of drought, and slow to respond to flood control issues in times of heavy rain.

Both Gambs and Sanwong express a greater sense of urgency about the importance of pursuing a variety of options for both short and long term water capacity needs for our region, such as reverse osmosis, ground water recharging, and greater use of recycled water (purple pipe) projects. They deserve this opportunity.

--John Sensiba,

BACPAC chairman


Vote for Gambs

Gib Souza, Livermore

Please vote for Dennis Gambs for a seat on the Zone 7 Board of Directors.

I have known Dennis, and his wife Lisa, for over 25 years. We first met when Dennis joined the Rotary Club of Livermore Valley. Dennis has served at every level of Rotary including as our President in 2011-12. More importantly, Dennis has used his affiliation with Rotary to benefit the residents of the community.

He has championed projects to directly benefit the seniors and youth of our community as well as residents at the VA Hospital. Dennis's crowning achievement in Rotary was co-chairing the successful Bandstand construction project at Carnegie Park. Dennis's leadership skills coupled with his engineering background are exactly what is needed to guide Zone 7. Please vote for Dennis.


Gambs for Zone 7

Jan Batcheller, Pleasanton

I urge you to vote for Dennis Gambs for the Zone 7 Board of Directors. Dennis is a civil engineer who has spent his career working on water issues in the Tri-Valley. He will bring a fresh, knowledgeable perspective to the Zone 7 Board.

I have known Dennis for 25 years. As a member of Pleasanton’s Centennial Committee, I worked with Dennis to complete the Arroyo del Valle underpass under Valley Avenue. He recognized the value of our project and worked with us to complete the project in a timely manner.

Dennis raised his family in Livermore and has been an exemplary community volunteer through his Rotary Club membership. Dennis will listen to ratepayer concerns. He will work for timely, cost saving solutions to the Tri-Valley’s water issues.

Please vote for Dennis Gambs for Zone 7 Board of Directors on June 5.


Support Gambs

Karla Brown, Pleasanton City Councilmember

Please join me and vote “Dennis Gambs for Zone 7 Water Board” on June 5, 2018. Dennis is a water expert based on his 30+ years as a Water Resources Engineer, and his Civil Engineering degree from UC Berkeley. Dennis will fight to keep WATER RATES reasonable through aggressive financial oversight of the Zone 7 budgets. He understands that sufficient amounts of CLEAN DRINKING WATER must be available to our homes and businesses in the Tri-Valley, even during drought times.

Dennis is easy to approach and will listen to the concerns of residents, plus municipal retailers such as the City of Pleasanton, Dublin (DSRSD) and Livermore. Dennis will do his research which includes listening to the public before making major decisions as a Zone 7 Board member.

Dennis is a community volunteer, a man of integrity and he has agreed to run for office because he knows he will do an excellent job serving the Tri-Valley’s water users. Please vote Dennis Gambs for Zone 7 Water Board.


Vote for Gambs

Brad Hirst, Pleasanton

Zone 7 is the water supplier and flood control agency for Dublin- Pleasanton- Livermore. In recent years they have become disregarding of US- the water consumers, bureaucratic, wasteful of money and most of all expensive of water rates. Very sad situation. The Agency needs CHANGE and IMPROVEMENT.

DENNIS GAMBS is water experienced, customer friendly and smart. He is a real get-it-done person. He believes in government transparency. I have several positive personal experiences with Dennis dating back to 1994 when he issued an arroyo encroachment permit for the Pleasanton Centennial Celebration in a matter of a few hours rather than months.

Vote for Zone 7 improvement. Elect DENNIS GAMBS on June 5.


Gambs for Zone 7

Linda Kelly, Citizens for Sensible Water Rates Zone 7

A recent survey concluded 55% of residents don't know the physical source of their water. When asked what most concerns Tri-Valley residents, their water worries were only surpassed by traffic in magnitude of concern.

It seems clear that Zone 7's attempts at “outreach” are failing miserably and cities perform only marginally better.

The June 5 ballot allows residents to choose 4 of 7 members. While continuity is important factor to a smooth operations, our current board members have become complacent. Key decisions are made by the General Manager and staff, rather than setting the Board directing them. That must be corrected.

A challenger starts off with a $4,000 disadvantage, as the ballot statement is required for voters to become familiar, but incumbents often waive the statement.

Of 5 people vying for 4 seats two are non-incumbents. One has lifetime experience in the water industry as an engineer. He has faced the complex issues of fulfilling the dual mission of Zone 7: furnishing reliable supplies of water to the 240,000 valley residents, and protecting persons and properties from flood damage in times of winter storms.

I'll be voting for Dennis Gambs on June 5, and I urge you to follow Zone 7 closely. Subscribe to their newsletter at Learn how rates are determined, and how sensible rates can be maintained. Demand timely communications from Zone 7. Only then will we be able to keep our heads above water, bad pun intended.


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