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Key Goals

Provide a reliable and sustainable supply of water to homes, businesses, and agriculture

  • Obtain additional storage to capture extreme storm events and offset the loss of snowpack storage from global warming/climate change 
  • Work with Livermore, Pleasanton, and the Dublin San Ramon Services District to maximize the use of recycled water with projects that engender public confidence
  • Maximize the recharge of our groundwater basin for use as a source of water during droughts
  • Advocate the early use of the Chain of Lakes for storage and additional groundwater recharge capabilities
  • Promote using water wisely, implementing water conservation programs, and water education through social media and the Schools’ Program

Provide safe drinking water to Livermore, Pleasanton, and Dublin residents

  • Promote and improve good tasting high quality drinking water
  • Protect the groundwater as a source of drinking water and promote the connection of septic tank systems to public sewers for treatment at wastewater treatment plants

Advocate for projects and programs that are cost effective and stabilize water rates  

Promote decision making that is readily transparent to the public and has community input

Provide effective flood protection that prevents damage from storms and costly repairs

Continue the sharing of flood control right of way with public agencies for their use as trails open to the community

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